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Our Spinning Division is equipped with a state-of-the-art configuration of 37,320 ring spindles. Where we are able to produce cotton yarns for a variety of applications, including home textiles, garments, knitting, weaving, and yarn dying.In an effort to remain competitive and in step with market trends, we frequently invest in substantial equipment to enhance our spinning capabilities. Our most recent installation of Ring Spinning Frames with automation and monitoring systems took place recently. In order to add value to our product, we have also placed 1200 of the newest Two-for-One spindles to produce doubled yarn. In order to increase our adaptability even further, we additionally have 1800 rotors on which we blend cotton and recycled cotton wastes to create yarn especially for Terry.

In addition to investing in machinery for the manufacturing floor, we also have a very clear idea of where we want to place the best testing apparatus—from raw cotton through intermediate steps to final yarn. As a result, in addition to other desirable equipment for spinning quality control and testing, our lab is outfitted with the newest testing apparatus from Zellweger Uster, including the HVI 1000 for raw cotton and the UT-6 for intermediate processes and finished yarn. Our goal is to “satisfy customers at the lowest possible cost of production.”

In order to uphold our quality standards and process systems, as well as the contemporary social norms, we have acquired multiple certifications and undergo periodic compliance audits from the appropriate agencies. Consequently, we have certification for;

● ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001.● CMIA.● GOTS.● GRS.● Oekotex.

Additionally, we are permitted to produce organic and BCI cotton yarns.

As a result, we have successfully cornered a sizable market in the yarn count range of 8 to 80, and our brand is well-known and a trusted product.